the looks

Eighteen professionally-styled looks that are scientifically proven to improve your air quality and make you feel more relaxed, inspired and positive.


Who let the dogs out? You did, in your lush garden of pet-friendly plants. Woof woof!



If you’re looking for a little “me time” after a day in the garden (or the office), light a fancy candle, pour a glass and soak it out here.


Time flies when you’re having fun, especially in a tropical sanctuary where every hour is happy hour. Pass another coconut, will you?



For those eager to savour our most glorious natives, forage no further. All five senses will thank you later.


Eye-catching indoor plants really earn their commission as they entice customers into this airy retail space and show off its wares in the best possible way. Happy browsing!


Fragrant, flowering plants and ornamental treasures transform a garden path into a sensory utopia. It’s utterly divine!


Turn your space into a coastal escape with this laid back look full of sun-kissed colour, captivating foliage and low-fuss styling that’s straight outta Byron. 


An entertaining space becomes an indoor oasis with this wildly photogenic look that features elegant ferns and tropical beauties cascading from the ceiling. Strike a pose and say “Leaves!”



If your guilty pleasure is Aussie kitsch then you’ll bloomin’ love this. With blousy flowers and bright colours, it will have you shouting ‘Hello, Possums!’ over the fence.


Moody and lush, this dramatic look is big on foliage and textures, perfect for low light, and ideal if you want to create a space to get lost in.


Your high-school French might be rusty but this look is Provençal perfection with classic colours, verdant hedges and less-is-more charm. It’s amour at first sight.


Transform your balcony into a sensory utopia with this look full of earthy smells and tastes. Featuring medicinal herbs and plants, it will nurture your body and soul.


Eye-catching and easy-care, this look features a succulent mix of cactus and tough sculptural plants that will survive those days – or weeks – you forget to water them.


As eclectic as your housemates, this moveable garden features a cool collection of low maintenance plants that won’t keep you from partying on Saturday night.


Perfect for social butterflies, this look will help you attract lots of flying friends to your yard. A contemporary take on the native garden, it’s great for sunny spaces.


Inspire your budding gardeners with this playful design, full of interesting, non-toxic plants that can withstand a bit of rough-and-tumble and the odd stray cricket ball.


Created to look and taste great, this will get you growing your own in style. So pull on your designer wellies and prepare to enjoy the fruits (and veggies) of your labours.


If you enjoy regular pedicures and beard-trims, this will be right up your alley. Featuring neat, well-behaved plants, it’s for those who like things refined and elegant.


If you’re the loose, wild type, then this one’s for you. Dripping with lush, tropical plants, it’s ideal for those who enjoy low lighting and sleepovers. Grrrr.

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