If you’re looking for a little “me time” after a day in the garden (or the office), light a fancy candle, pour a glass and soak it out here.


The Backyard Bather look was created in collaboration with Fiona Bruyn, Urban Horticulturalist and owner of Kookawood in Lithgow, NSW.

The plants in this look:

Boston fern

A great hanging indoor plant, needs a bright spot regular watering.

Calathea Makoyana

Bold and decorative, its tall stalks demand this plant be seen.

Cast iron plant

A true survivor! Tolerates dark, shady spots with minimal water.

Devils Ivy

An indoor winner! It tolerates neglect and low light.

Dragon Tree

One of the un-killables!

Grey Star Ctenanthe

Evergreen striped foliage are a hardy indoor favourite.

Maranta Prayer Plant

Low growing plant with a spectacular tricolour oval leaf variety.

Peace Lily

A very hardy plant, great for indoor spaces.

Philodendron Tuxtla Red Wings

Stand-out leathery leaves held by stunning red stalks.

Pilea Prayer Plant

Cute plant, stemming out sparse circular green leaves.

Peperomia Obtusifolia Jade

Cute short plant growing cupped glossy leaves.


Tropical houseplant with green and yellow fleshy leaves.

Dracenia Sanderiana White

Bamboo resembling plant with funky shaped canes.

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