Turn your space into a coastal escape with this laid back look full of sun-kissed colour, captivating foliage and low-fuss styling that’s straight outta Byron. 


Beachy Green was designed by Shannon Fricke, creative director at Newrybar Merchants, an eclectic boutique south of Byron Bay.

The plants in this look:

Aussie Crawl

This low growing native loves well drained soil and lots of light.


This scrambling shrub is known for its intensely coloured flowers.


The perfect feature plant for a tropical or formal garden design.

Canna Lily

These low maintenance plants have tropical foliage and large flowers.


A spreading succulent with silvery blue, finger-like fleshy leaves and small white flowers in summer.

Coral Seas

These trumpet-shaped flowers bloom in autumn and spring.

Cousin It

An unusual and extremely tough Australian native groundcover.

Desert Stars

The shrub is regularly adorned with attractive white, sweetly scented, star-shaped flowers.

Devils Ivy

An indoor winner! It tolerates neglect and low light.

Dichondra Silver Falls

A wonderful trailing plant with beautiful silver foliage.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

A popular, yet somewhat tempramental indoor plant.

Kangaroo Paw

A brightly coloured addition to a native Australian garden.

Kentia Palm

A popular age-old indoor plant, can also be grown outdoors.

Bull Bay magnolia

This evergreen magnolia is a great feature tree for small spaces.

Miss Muffet

A small shrub with fragrant cream flowers that appear in spring.

Peperomia Scandens

A semi-trailing plant with dark green, waxy heart-shaped leaves.


Pigface is a fun, versatile plant with a unique nick name.

Radiator plant

A tough indoor plant. Can be grown outdoors in tropical climates.

Raphis Palm

An attractive multi-stemmed palm with large fan shaped leaves.


A great hedge or pot plant that loves lots of sun.

Rubber plant

Best kept as an indoor specimen only!


A great low maintenance plant with flowers that attract bees and small birds.

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