Inspire your budding gardeners with this playful design, full of interesting, non-toxic plants that can withstand a bit of rough-and-tumble and the odd stray cricket ball.

The plants in this look:


A sculptural and tough succulent.

Aloe vera

World-renowned for its healing qualities.


Produces clusters of delicious blue fruits in late summer.

Century plant

A succulent plant which tolerates tough love!

Cut leaf daisy

A native groundcover with mauve daisy flowers.

Dwarf she-oak

A textural native groundcover with a cascading form.

Fan flower

This low growing native loves well drained soil and lots of light.

Marguerite daisy

Easy to grow and care for, these add a joyful flower to any garden.


A colourful addition to any sunny outdoor space.

Hen and Chickens

Can be grown indoors in very well lit areas only.

Jade or Money tree

A tough-as-nails succulent.

Japanese maple

A striking feature plant for small spaces.

Kangaroo Paw

A brightly coloured addition to a native Australian garden.


Loves a hot, dry position and low humidity.


Produces sweet, small fruit all year round.

Lemon grass

Prized for its thick, lemon flavoured stems.


A great first plant for children, easy to grow in pots or in ground.

Native Flax

Drought hardy once established.

Panda Plant

A great addition to a sensory garden, low maintenance once established.

Pigs Ear

A great container plant for a sunny outdoor area.


A great hedge or pot plant that loves lots of sun.

Silver Spoons

A gorgeous feature plant in a sunny outdoor spot.

Yellow buttons

A hardy, low maintenance plant.


Great in hanging baskets and small pots.


This groundcover herb is easy to grow, needs a sunny spot.


Loves lots of water and space, plant in a pot to contain it.


Love soil high in organic matter and plenty of sunlight.

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