Transform your balcony into a sensory utopia with this look full of earthy smells and tastes. Featuring medicinal herbs and plants, it will nurture your body and soul.

The plants in this look:

Aloe vera

World-renowned for its healing qualities.


Loves lots of sun, regular water and rich soil.

Bay Tree

Bay trees love hot, sunny spots and well drained soil.

Chilli Peppers

A small shrub with robust stems known for its shiny pungent fruits.


An easygoing long-flowering plant known for its medicinal properties.


A hardy perennial herb with yellow flowers and feathery leaves.


Loves a hot, dry position and low humidity.


Produces sweet, small fruit all year round.

Lemon grass

Prized for its thick, lemon flavoured stems.

Lemon verbena

This shrub's leaves release a lemony scent every time they're touched.


This groundcover herb is easy to grow, needs a sunny spot.


Grows easily from seed or seedlings and tolerates mild neglect.


A great hedge or pot plant that loves lots of sun.


With soft grey-green foliage, sage is great both in pots or the garden.


Loves lots of water and space, plant in a pot to contain it.


Loves full sun, well drained soil, drought tolerant once established.

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